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Latvijas Sāpju izpētes biedrība
Maskavas iela 40,


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Viļņas konference Pain in the Baltics 2012. (e-referāti)

Ethical issues in pain management  Aurelija Blaževičienė

Acute postoperative pain assessment in the patient care in the clinics of Latvia  

Combined treatment for working ageing employees with psychosomatic back pain  

D.Smite_Low back pain_social and psychological influences  

I.Evansa_Ultrasound for interventional pain procedures  

I.Gobina_Chronic pain and medicine use among adolescents in Latvia from 1994 to 2010  

I.Golubovska_Spinal cord stimulation experience in Latvia 

L.Keisa-Kirse_Bone pain in oncology_practical experience with opioids  

Long term results of low-back surgery_observation in county district  

M.Arons_Pulsed radiofrequency therapy 

The green light helps to make safe decisions before neurotomy or neurolysis

The role of red flag symptoms in patients with acute low back pain in hospital settings

Thermal quantitative sensory testing in fibromyalgia patients and in non specific low back pain patients

V.Sosars_Clinical experience with sublingual fentanyl tabs on baseline opioid therapy  

Treating of Complicated Lower Back Pain with Physical Medicine Methods: a Case Report Dzintra Vavere, Tatjana Eglite Riga East Clinic University Hospital


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